Kobra Import Office






Cairo University weighting belt started

The panel for the Cairo University was completed, instaled, and startedup successfully.  




Cooperation with Cairo University

In a growing and progressing relation with Cairo University, Kobra is to supply and commission the weigher and control for a feed belt to be used at  Eastern Co. for Tobacco. The weighing equipment supplied from Schenck of Germany, A Moore Industries ratio controller is used to control the flow on the belt at a ratio of the main tobacco feed. Other equipment supplied include motor drive, encoder, photo cells needed for controlling the operation of the feed belt

Kobra had already cooperated with the Cairo university in the following 

Quantity measurements in Molas tanks

Weighing of Molas

Humidity control of the tobacco

Contract for the Supply of the Instruments for Sugar Co. Boilers at Deshna (October 2005)

Kobra Import office have just received an order for the supply of the instrumentation for the rehabilitation of the Sugar Co. Boilers at Deshna. The contract includes the supply of Siemens Moore 353 controllers for the 3 element boiler control loops, Moore Industries 535 controllers for the ratio loops, West controllers for all other loops, PMA paperless recorders, KEP totalizers, RTK indicators, Land portable gas analyzer. the project includes the supply of panels which will be assembeled and wired at Kobra


Contract for the supply of Road ElFarag water plant Instruments (September 2005)

Kobra Import office have just signed a contract for the supply of the instrumentation for the rehabilitation of the potable water filters at Road ElFarag water plant belonging to the Greater Cairo potable water Co. The contract includes the supply of  Magnetrol ultrasonic level transmitters, Klay differential level transmitters, Siemens- Moore 353 controllers, RTK indicators, as well as orifice plates, and accessories,